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Olympia advices and matches refugees with Dutch employers. On this page refugees can apply for a job and employers learn more about our services and contact Olympia Werkvertrouwen.

For refugees

We understand that starting to work in the Netherlands is a big step. Especially given the situation you’re coming from. When you feel ready to take this step, we are ready to welcome you at Olympia, a temp staffing agency providing meaningful jobs throughout the Netherlands. We will look for work that suit your needs, instead of looking at how you suit ours.

We also realise this may well be a new experience for you, and possibly one you are not used to. We will therefore support you every step of the way, providing you with language courses in English and Dutch and guiding you through the job interview process. At work, we will connect you with a colleague/buddy, who will help you feel at home with your new employer.

We mainly connect companies and people working in the areas of logistics, industry, customer contact centres, municipal government and the Small and Medium Enterprises sector (Dutch: MKB). They are often looking for people with practical training. As we have been active in these sectors for many years, we have a large client base and we can provide you all kinds of vacancies.

For employers

Leaving your home, your country and everything you know, and ending up in a foreign land. This is what happens to many people fleeing from unsafe situations in their homelands. The authorities in the Netherlands, with the help of thousands of Dutch citizens, do their utmost to provide refugees with a stable, peaceful place to stay upon arrival here. We guide and advise employers on providing suitable work for refugees and those who have been granted a refugee status in the Netherlands.

We urge our clients to realise that these people are not economic migrants who have chosen to settle in our country. Bearing their special requirements in mind, we are looking for employers who are willing to adjust their job requirements to welcome refugees.

Looking for a job in The Netherlands?

Do you speak Dutch or English at a basic level and feel ready to work? Then we will be happy to help you. We welcome everyone. Whatever your story, whatever your background. Fill in your information below and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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Support for employers

Olympia Werkvertrouwen works with various organisations with specific knowledge of refugees and their needs and has taken on dedicated employees to ensure that our services meet the needs of refugees in the best possible way. Together with these employees, we will look at what changes need to be made, for example to work schedules, or other changes in the workplace. We offer the following support: 

  • Providing flex workers with language courses in Dutch and English, if necessary.
  • Connecting flex workers with a buddy/colleague in the workplace for practical, work-related matters. 
  • Organising frequent evaluation moments with the client and refugees.
  • Sharing tips and practical information, such as webinars and podcasts, with refugees working through Olympia.
  • Olympia has employed two dedicated employees, both refugees themselves, to help during the first phase of contact. 

Please contact Olympia Werkvertrouwen for advice and support if you have any job opportunities for refugees. 

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Refugee Help

Refugee Help is the online landing page for refugees. Here, you can find information on security, care, safe accommodation, legal aid, education and work.

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Are you open to welcoming refugee employees into your company? Let us know by filling out the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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