DHL Teamleader possibility

Wat ga je doen?

DHL in Eindhoven is looking for the warehouse Teamleider/Supervisor!

Check with us in which department we are looking for new coortinators / teamleaders currently.

Waar ga je werken?

DHL Supply Chain Silverforum, near the airport offers logistic solutions for a high tech company in the area.

This way everyone can do what they know the best. Final client takes care of technology, DHL ensures the logistic process of the items and Olympia provides passionate employees to strengthen the teams. In this process we give the reccomendation to DHL so you can receive direct contract!

Wie ben je?

  • Your English skills allow you to work in this language

  • Previous experience in leading group of people (preferably as Teamleader Warehouse)
  • Knowledge of logistics
  • Eagerness to work in 2 shifts
  • Good computer skills, that will help you while working with Excel and SAP
  • Possibility to travel to Eindhoven on a daily basis

Wat mag je verwachten?

  • Salary starting from 2700 gross base (without allowances) per month, depends on the experience

  •  Shift allowances: after 18:00 you get 130%, on Saturday 150% and Sunday 200%.
  • Direct DHL contract
  • Travel allowance, depending on the amount of km
  • Personal budget that  you can use for extra trainings or getting more holidays
  • Fulltime employment in two shifts (6-15//15-00)
  • 25 holidays with possibility of getting more of them

Deze vacature is geplaatst door Judita Verstralen

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