Wat ga je doen?

At 06.00 in the morning your working day starts as a logistics employee in the Etos distribution center located in Beverwijk! After clocking in and a nice cup of coffee, you get started with the first orders.

Walking with a cart through the large warehouse you pick the right products and then prepare these orders for the stores. You do this with the help of a voice picking system. When your cart is full or the order is ready, you take the next order and get back to work.

At the end of the day, all your full carts will go all over the country and who knows, you might take your own products off the shelf!

You work from 06.00 till 14.00. If there is a reason you can't start at 06.00 and want to start later, please contact us. We will look for a solution.

Waar ga je werken?

The Etos distribution center is located in Midden Kennemerland (Beverwijk). With 550 branches, Etos is a major player in the Dutch market in the field of beauty, body care and health. More than 240 people of all backgrounds and nationalities work at this Beverwijk location. It's the perfect work place to make some great new friends.

If you use public transport, please make sure to check if it's possible for you to be on time at the warehouse. If you are traveling with car, there is a free parking spot available.

Wie ben je?

• You are at least 18 years old;
• You are at least 1.65 meters due to Working Conditions;
• You are able to travel great distances on foot with your cart;
• You like to work hard;
• During the first three weeks you are available for the training phase at least 4 days a week.
• You are available to start in the early morning.

And it is useful if:
• You live in the Kennemerland, Hoofddorp or Haarlem region.

Wat mag je verwachten?

In addition to a part-time job of at least 24 hours a week, you can expect the following:

• For 23 year and older a salary of € 10.04 gross per hour;
• In addition, you receive holiday pay of 8% and you vacation hours of 10% via Olympia;
• After a period of time you can grow in salary;
• Ability to be trained as a reach truck driver if you want;
• Growing in salary is an option;
• You receive a travel allowance from 6 kilometers (one way);
• Working hours from 06:00-14.00 on weekdays;
• A temporary contract and a permanent appointment if it functions properly.

Onze contactgegevens

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