Warehouse employee

Wat ga je doen?

DHL Supply Chain Eindhoven is looking for warehouse employees. As a warehouse employee at DHL, it is your job to store goods in the right way in the warehouse. The Warehouse employee ensures that the goods are available at the right place, in the proper condition and on time for shipping.
You will work at department inbound as a so called ‘booker’. Your main tasks are: receiving incoming goods, checking them, count the items and scan them. When it’s all correct, you'll process the information in the warehouse system SAP.
DHL is expecting form you and your team that you all work very careful and precise. The job takes place in two shifts: 05:30 – 14:30 and 15:00 – 00:00, this changes weekly.
If you show commitment to DHL and that they can rely on you, DHL wants to work with you for a long time.

Waar ga je werken?

DHL is the biggest logistic company in the world. One of there locations of DHL Supply Chain is located in Eindhoven at the Flight forum (near the airport). This division of DHL offers companies to do the warehousing en distribution for them.

You work in an international environment in a team of 15 people. With your team you are responsible for one of the biggest clients for this location.

Because DHL and Olympia have an intensive collaboration, Olympia also has an office at this DHL Location. Therefor you will always have your contact by your side when needed.

Wie ben je?

  • English speaking
  • Precision is one of your most important characteristics
  • You are motivated and willing to commit to DHL for a longer period of time
  • Hands on mentality
  • Wat mag je verwachten?

    • A full time job in two shift for a longer period
    • Hourly rate 10.77eu per hour
    • Travel allowance (starting from 1 km)
    • Since you will be working in shifts, you will receive extra payment: after 18:00 = 130%, on Saturdays = 150% and Sundays = 200%
    • You will be trained in order for you to carry out your work in the best way. An example is learning to work with systems as SAP
    If you have no logistic experience, don't worry! You will be trained by your colleagues, so that in the end you will be perfectly able to carry out the work independently.

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    Onze contactgegevens

    Veldhoven - Inhouse DHL
    Flightforum 1950
    5657EZ Eindhoven