Your mental health matters

It’s important to us that you feel good at work, that you feel healthy and strong.

But sometimes things aren’t going your way and you have to deal with setbacks. In the past corona year we have seen an increase of mental problems in The Netherlands. People are stretched thin and people get more lonely.

Because we think your mental health is important we offer you anonymous mental support. Are you having problems at home or at work? Are you ‘off balance’, stressed out, are you worried or do you feel lonely? 

Then you can call the Mental Supportline of HSK. You can call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Mental Supportline

You get to talk to an experienced counsellor from HSK, a nationwide network for mental support specialized in employee care. He or she will listen and offer support. You will discuss what you are running into and the counsellor will give you practical pointers and support. Sometimes a good talk is all it takes, but if you want there can be a follow up.

These talks are free for you, they are anonymous and confidential. So no one will be informed about the contents of your talk. Neither Olympia nor your client.

This way we want to help you feel better again, at home and at work.

Call the Mental Supportline